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Belgorod State University

The university was founded in 1956

Belgorod State University

At first it was a scientific center, now it is one of the most famous scientific and educational centers. It has national research university status. At present, more than 8,000 students study at the university and undergo practical training.

Education in Russia

About Belgorod State University

7 campuses, a pharmacy with its own production, sports and cultural centers, a horse-racing school

The university has its own agrotechnopark, a Laboratory for breeding, vegetable growing and horticulture as well as cloning, a Laboratory for the study of infectious and invasive diseases of animals and approbation of veterinary drugs, a laboratory for molecular genetic research, the Center for plant breeding, a Laboratory for the study of biogas technologies, a Research and Production Laboratory of the Center for Innovative Veterinary Medicine of Belgorod SAU, Aquaculture Laboratory and others.

The university is an active member of the international association AGRIMBA (international course «MBA Agribusiness»). At Belgorod ASU there is a Youth International Student Club «Planet of Friends», which brings together three communities: Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In addition, there is a theater studio, a choir. Kvn ( Club of the Funny and Inventive) team, dance teams, sports club, swimming pool, winter garden, cinema, 5 dormitories.

Our mission

The mission of Educationruss United LTD is to give an opportunity for foreigners to get higher education in universities of the Russian Federation. During 3 years the company invites foreign citizens to get higher education in Russia, protects students’ interests and it is responsible to its partners (Ministries of Education and Embassies of foreign countries).


What Our Clients Say

My name is Thulani Mtshweni, I’m from South Africa. I am currently studying Information Technology doing my second year in Nizhny Novgorod State University. I enjoy the courses, because it is very interesting learning about the world of computer programming. The course is challenging and it can be very difficult sometimes, but my tutors are very happy to help and answer all questions personally or via email if we would prefer. What a great experience it is to study abroad! I can’t express enough the feeling of discovering new culture, exploring new places, making new friends from all around the world. Studying abroad will definitely change my life forever!

Thulani Mtshweni, South Africa
06 September, 2018

This university is amazing not just for its academics but also because of all the extracurricular activities which help us learn and experience new things. The respect for all international students and their cultures is surprising and inspiring at the same time! All the best facilities are provided be it for studying, living or food! Plus the faculty is very helpful and understanding which is like a cherry on the top.» One of the best universities in the Russian federation, this a game-changer for me. Once I completed the course there are so many career opportunities in the Russian Federation and outside Russia as well. Thank you eduactionruss to help me to enrolled to a Russian university.

Ashok Kumari, India
09 October, 2020

Education in Astrakhan is wonderful; all the lessons educated here are so useful. Besides the education, the language is of importance due to communication, when going outside the Russian language comes off to good use, and is very easy to learn if a student puts the interest and the effort. Life at the hostel is also pretty good. You get to live happily and comfortably with other foreign students. All the facilities are available to any extent. Life in Astrakhan is always good, although the weather could not be appealing at times especially in winter which starts in January and ends in March. There are lots of places to visit for many purposes. Overall I enjoy studying in Astrakhan and I would hope a myriad amount of students would come from Sri Lanka to study here.

Nuwan Liyanage, Sri Lanka
01 October, 2018

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