Quotas for foreign citizens of Cyprus for training

Government quota for training for Cypriot citizens
In accordance with the Federal Law dated July 26, 2019, N 232 - Federal Law: The
procedure for selecting foreign citizens for training within the quota, as well as the
requirements imposed on them, are established by the federal executive body
responsible for the development and implementation of state policy and regulation of 
the environment in the field of higher education, in agreement with the federal
executive body, responsible for the development and implementation of the state policy
and regulatory environment in the field of general education.

Study on scholarships by the Ministry of Education Russia

    Enroll in a Russian university

    Study in Russia free of charge (Government scholarship program of the Russian Federation).

    26 июля, 2021

    Studying in Cyprus

    26 июля, 2021

    Studying in Spain

    If you receive a government scholarship in the Russian Federation, what you will receive:
    - free education;
    -guaranteed accommodation in a dormitory for a small fee (serval times lower than the actual cost)
    - a guaranteed scholarship for the entire period of your studies
    This is a great opportunity, so we can help you :
    -Choose a specialty and a university;
    - to issue a complete and, most importantly, the correct package of documents to
    get a quota for studying in the best Russian universities;
    -we will submit documents for you;
    -we will track your application until the moment of enrollment in the university;
    - we will help you with the choice of the pre-university faculty if you don’t have any idea of Russian universities yet
    - we will deal with all issues in order to fulfill your dream of getting an education in Russia.
    using the Government quota;
    - in our office, we have professionals, with more than 20 years of experience in the education industry
    - we are guaranteed of your success.
    The cost of the service is $200.

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    Application for foreign students

      Enroll in a Russian university


      How can a foreign student enter into a Russian university on a scholarship?

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