Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation

is the most famous university in Russia with a 50-year history of successful training of specialists in the field of civil aviation.

The university was founded in 1971

MSTUCA is a truly international educational and scientific center, with students from 78 countries of the world.
Location Moscow, Russia 
Language of study English, Russian
Main specialization
  • Air navigation and operation of aviation and rocket-space technology
  • Information Security
  • Land transport engineering and technology
  • Economics and Management
  • Technosphere safety and environmental engineering.
  • Informatics and computer science
  • Mass media, information and librarianship
  • Mathematics and Mechanics


- The university's educational programs are recognized by ICAO, which guarantees recognition of the university diploma around the world. MSTUCA is a member of the association of transport universities of BRICS countries and transport universities in Russia and China.


- MSTUCA is the founder of ALICANTO - an international association of aviation and aerospace education. 80 percent of lecturers are Doctors of Science and Candidates of Science.

- There is a dormitory and a number of sports centers and facilities besides developed and modern infrastructure. MSTUCA cares about the international students and their adaptation to life in Moscow and Russia.


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